Jack is either a con artist or a saint

Randy is out of town.  Naturally, I was feeding my children a nutritious dinner of chips, salsa, and guacamole.  I tend not to cook when Randy isn’t around.  My Mother called and I left the kitchen (and my two children sitting at the bench eating).  By the time I came back to the kitchen, the floor had a half a bag of Tostitos on it (stepped-on Tostitos) and ketchup everywhere.  Oh, Jack eats ketchup on his chips as well now.  


Both kids go to time out.  I put Lula to bed.  I tell Jack to pick up all the chips or he’s not getting a chocolate chip cookie (that I was making for him, and were just about to come out of the oven).

So, Jack’s sitting under the table eating chips off the ground in his attempt to “clean” (I’m surely going to win Mother of the Year again) and I take the broom and start sweeping the crumbs that would be too small for him to pick up.  Jack got real excited, “Mom, are you helping?!”  I said I was helping a little, but that he’d better keep on cleaning (and I’m not sure I said it terribly kindly?) and he informed me “Mom, God helps us, God is always helping us”, and then he walked over to me and said “let me take your hand, I need to tell you something”, so he took my hand and said, “dear God, please make Mommy not afraid to clean with me, make sure she cleans with me, Amen”.

It worked.  I helped him clean up his mess.




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3 responses to “Jack is either a con artist or a saint

  1. So cute! Love the new blog!

  2. …and you turned to total mush. I would’ve too.

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