Jack and Brooke

My dear friends Tracey and Josh came to visit for their spring break with their children Brooke and Max a couple of weeks ago.  We had such a great time, especially so for Jack and Brooke.  Within hours Jack proclaimed to me, “I love her, I want to sleep with her”… of course meaning he wanted Brooke to share his room.  Funny none the less!

This is a picture of the kids when Jack was about 4 months old and Brooke was 8 months old I believe.



And here are our 4-year-olds now.  How cute are they?!  Check out the tie Jack insisted on getting that day because it had pirates on it.  It’s officially part of his pirate getup now.  Who knew pirates wore ties?  On the same said shopping trip, Tracey and I had to evade having our children arrested for shoplifting socks in a shoe store.  They were too quiet for all of 30 seconds when we found them laughing and maniacally stuffing socks into their shopping bag.  I really can’t imagine why they got on so well?!  





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