It only took four and a half years

Jackson William Tankersley woke up yesterday morning, went to the bathroom, and came and woke his Mother and Father up at 6:30am (asking for his bribe).  The trick that finally did it was leaving a little toy to open a little further from his bed every night and if he would wake up and go to the toy and call for me, he could have it.  Once he reached outside of his door, though, he knew he could do it.  He asked for the big guns (some Thomas stuff that my Mom found on severe clearance, thanks Mom!).  So, I put a Thomas toy in the bathroom, one in the kitchen and one at my bedside table.  He made it all the way!  He made it to our room again this morning, so I think we’ve done it.

I think most of you know this, but if you didn’t, Jack has NEVER left his bed without verbal permission… ever.  I know you are thinking we are crazy to break him of such a wonderful little quirk, and yes, we thought it was totally awesome for a long time.  I thought I must be parent #1 to have my children so well-trained.  After a while, though, we realized that it was a real issue for Jack so we’ve been trying to help him through it.

He is SO proud of himself.




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2 responses to “It only took four and a half years

  1. Look how perfect that water is. I wish the wind would calm down already so we could have more epic days like that before it gets really hot.

  2. Jessica

    amen, sister

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