Lula had her first ER visit… awwwww, how cute!

Randy and I were at the car dealership this morning contemplating a seven-seater with all wheel drive (we mourn the loss of Randy’s jeep as we move to the land of ice and snow and HILLS).  We’d like to be able to ALL fit in one car when you come to visit us in Deutschland (please visit!).

Only Lula could be walking along FLAT pavement and bite it,  The girl has too much swagger.  She tripped over herself and rolled underneath the car we were looking at.  The fall didn’t seem so bad.  I picked her up and hugged her and Randy and I both saw her hand covered in blood at the same time.  We then realized the blood came from her mouth (she had stuck her fingers in her mouth to soothe herself).  She bled and bled and we couldn’t even tell where it was all coming from.  Her lip puffed up, and the bleeding subsided and we saw the top part of her gums looked jacked up.  I called Tracey and she said if her teeth started to change color or if the bleeding started again, we might want to take her in.  So, we felt good, the bleeding had stopped.  I dropped Randy back off at work.  We had dropped his car off to have the oil changed.  I drive off, look in the rearview window, and there is blood all over Lula’s face again.  I call Randy, pick him back up and we take Lula to the Eglin ER.  Blood on my baby is more than I can take so Randy suggests I go get Jack from school while he waits with Lula.  By the time I get back, Lula has been seen by the Doctor, and she obviously split the connector thing between the lip and the gums and the Doctor said it happened all the time and it would heal, she was going to make it.  Lula did quite enjoy the Mango Cream Ice from the Starbucks in the hospital that her Daddy bought her, and it took the swelling in her lip away in a flash.  She’s as good as new, and mad her “juice” is gone.




Prognosis on the health of the dress is still out… I hydrogen peroxided it, and double oxy’ed it (my own special blend of oxy powder with oxy spray on top… creates a chemical reaction most stains cannot resist)



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