I hate moonsand

Obviously, I’m going to have to write this post again.  It seems to have disappeared.

I went to Cuvee Beach in Destin Saturday night with some good friends (half price appetizers and wine, it was awesome!).  I shared what I had been doing all afternoon; cleaning up moonsand.  This got a huge response from my friends Anissa and Tony, who obviously had the misfortune of buying moonsand themselves… and also the misfortune of thinking they’d be smart and let the kids play with the moonsand outside on the porch.

The next morning I updated my facebook profile to “back to getting moon sand off of the back porch… moonsand disaster has been officially downgraded to code orange”.  This elicited responses that ranged from “I HATE moonsand with the fire of 1000 suns. And glitter moonsand- forget about it” from my friend Cayce, to “I finally got it off our back patio by power washing it off. Best of luck!” from my friend Lee Anne.

My question is WHY DIDN’T ANYONE TELL ME?!

I guess I knew better.  Jack is at the age where he enjoys the commercials as much as the cartoons.  He’s constantly dragging me to the TV to witness the newest and latest toys and the Godawful light-up Sketchers.  Well at Christmas this year, the commercial powers that be were really pumping up the moonsand.  Jack wanted moonsand more that anything for Christmas.  Mommy did NOT want moonsand for Christmas.  Mommy did not buy moonsand, Santa Claus did not buy moonsand.  But I broke.  We were planning on visiting Randy’s parents right after Christmas for another Christmas celebration and Mimi asked what Jack’s little heart desired and I told her, and Mimi obliged.

The first time we took it out, I let Jack play with it on the kitchen floor.  My grout was none too pleased about that.  I then moved the moonsand outside to the back porch.  It took all of five minutes for the kids to hurl every piece of moonsand out if its container and smash it into the ground.  It was bad.  So like any sane Mother, I go and buy MORE moonsand.  My friends Tracey and Josh were coming to visit with their children for Spring Break and it was forecasted to be a rainy one.  What’s more fun that smashing moonsand into concrete on a rainy day?  Now, not only did I have a ‘blending well with the concrete’ gray moonsand all over the porch, but blue, yellow, and red as well.  It was bad, it really was, and it wasn’t coming up.  As you can imagine, the moonsand was gone at this point (it was all over the ground) so I just decided to leave it there rather than deal with it… for two months.  When I had people over I would just introduce them to my moonsand disaster.  Whatever.

So, consider yourself warned.  I spent about 5 hours total scraping up moonsand and it’s not all gone… it never really ever leaves completely.  

I believe our moonsand might get lost in the move, thanks Lori!

The sad thing is, the kids really love the stuff.  Here is Jack, Brooke, Lula, and Max playing moonsand on a rainy day.


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2 responses to “I hate moonsand

  1. when my dad was visiting in February he inadvertently referenced the moon sand I was hiding on the top shelf of a kitchen cabinet. The kids went *crazy* remembering the forgotten relic, so I suggested we take moon sand to entertain the kids at dinner that night – at McGuires. To this day I avoid the eyes of the waitress we had that night… I can’t look her in the face knowing the untimely damage we did to the floor, table, ,silverware, etc during that dinner. It pains my ocd heart.

  2. Not sure which is funnier… your post or Cayce’s comment. Moon sand is of the devil. LOL

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