Things I dig today

So, if anyone wants to buy me something, this is what I want.  I want all of them.  Someone tell my husband, I don’t think he reads our blog.  Totally awesome.  There are like 64 rules he made into signs.  I especially love the bathroom ones.  Wouldn’t they look awesome in my Godawful (I looked it up, and it’s a REAL word, I was so excited!) ‘bicycle yellow’ with clouds hall bathroom?  God Bless Etsy and the internet and the free market.  I just wanted to say that today. I have also been meaning to tell everyone that I bought this skin care stuff at a couple of months ago on a whim.  I needed Diaper Dekor Plus refills and no one within the million mile radius sells them.  I was roaming around looking for something to make my basket more than $25.00 and I needed new face soap, so I bought this based upon a good review

 ummmmm.  It rocks.  My skin hasn’t looked this good in YEARS.  Honest engine.

Last, look what I ordered Lula today, could you die?!  It’s so CUTE!


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4 responses to “Things I dig today

  1. Ivy

    Those are great, but there needs to be a “do not leave your wet towel on the ground.” Also, Simon wants one of the fish baret (or barette or biret, we couldn’t decide how to spell it) when his hair grows out.

  2. Jessica

    ha ha! Tell Simon we’ll be sure to get him a fish barrette! Are you in the UK yet?!

  3. Jessica

    dang, those are so awesome! I totally just subscribed to her blog.

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