Beach Pictures

My friend Lori has been offering to take pics of our family for forever.  We finally got around to taking said pictures last night weeks before we leave and Lori has baby number FOUR!


She posted some highlights on her blog today at, so check it out!  I love them.  I know that I’m his Mother, so I’m probably a little biased, but is 4-years-old too young to ship your kid out to earn his keep?  I mean, Lula is as cute as she can be too, but she’s still in her ‘pout at the camera’ phase (believe it or not, or maybe you remember, Jack’s pout at the camera phase was much more intense… he flat-out refused to take pictures!)  I consciously try not to brag on my kids.  It’s totally annoying, but this once, let me say,  does he not belong on the cover of Kindergarten GQ?

After we took the pictures, we joined Lori and her lovely family at Jim ‘N Nick’s in Destin.  Lori and I both have toddlers of almost the exact same age.  I know a lot of people say these types of things, but I’m saying this seriously.  Would you not be surprised if Lula and Noah eventually got married?  Look at them.  They’ll definitely be attracted to each other, they look alike and they’ll make pretty kids.  Second, Noah seems to have his Daddy, Andy’s demeanor.  Andy is a lot like Randy… super chill and calm, and don’t we all eventually marry some version of our own parents??!  I’m just saying I wouldn’t be surprised.  Oh, and they both are big fans of marshmallows and macaroni and cheese.  Case closed.


We’re really going to miss the Emerald Coast, we’re going to miss our church, and we’re going to miss the friends we’ve made.  When you hang out with people who aspire to live on only 10% of their income and to give away 90% you don’t walk away unaffected.  When a church, a stranger, a charity or a friend  receives money from us, they can probably just thank Andy and Lori.  I pray to walk in the same faith that they do.  I hate leaving, and I momentarily hate the Air Force for making me, but if we never moved we would never meet the people we do.  That’s my positive thought for the day… a bunch of Tankersley rocks being tossed about, running into other rocks that are making them smoother and prettier.


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2 responses to “Beach Pictures

  1. Aww! You’re too sweet! Almost made me cry…

  2. Lori’s pictures of your family were just unreal. I hope all is going well with you and your family! Loving reading your posts.

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