oi, oi, oi

Lula loves to dance.  I think she was a little beside herself when AC/DC came on.  Jack always loved this song too.  Try not to fixate on the pizza sauce on her forehead.  We’re all aware I’m an unfit Mother.

We’ve been trying to do something fun every day before we leave for Germany.

We hung out with Evan and Zach on Monday at the park.  It had been pouring all weekend.  Did this awesome Mom check for water on the slides? ….nooooooo!  Did she even notice when her kids were playing with the water and then pouring sand on top of it?  Nope.  I was busy chatting.  Just look at that poor misshapen baby!


Jack fancies himself a photographer.  He certainly has an interesting view point.  I have no idea who the first two kids are.




We’ve also been hangin’ at the beach.  Jack really likes to be buried in sand.


Lula likes to play in the puddles.



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  1. “We’re all aware I’m an unfit Mother.” – That line made me LOL. And I like Jack’s photos.

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