Charity case

Friday was just one of those messed up days.  I missed the gym because the hot tub guy never showed up, then I was trying to get to the beach to hang with my friends but I had some “must-do” errands that I hadn’t done yet (again because of the evil hot tub repair man).  In the midst of the chaos, I stop at Tropical Smoothie.  The kids LOVE smoothies, there is nothing bad for them in a “Jetty Junior”, and they are the perfect ‘take to the beach’ lunch.  It’s hard to get sand in a smoothie with a lid.  So we run in, run out, and yes, I’m one of those Moms… I hand my kids their smoothies.  Lula makes short work of ‘most’ of her smoothie.  She then proceeded to play with the rest of it… flinging the straw in and out of her cup, laughing hysterically.  There was red smoothie EVERYWHERE.  But, I have crap to do.  I haul the kids into Home Depot with no fanfare, then to my last errand, the post office.  The post office is incredibly busy, and it’s pretty close quarters.  My kids HATE the post office.  Naturally, they are running around acting like untrained monkeys and everyone is watching them.  This makes me self-conscious and I begin to take inventory of my hoodlums.  I had been cleaning all morning, so I was looking smoking hot, and felt generally good about getting everyone into street clothes and into the car.  I guess I forgot to brush Jack’s hair though as he had two huge dreds growing out of the back of his head as he is want to do.  Then Lula had smoothie complete with strawberry bits on at least 50% of her dress (ugh, and face, I have to admit).  There was a little old lady in front of me who was saying how hard it was for children to sit still and how precious it was to have them.  She was really kind.  She then handed me a card for a Catholic relief charity and told me she did work for an organization who could help me and help my children by providing them with clothing and whatever other needs they might have.

I might need to re-think what Jessica’s definition of “appropriate” is, measured against the rest of the world’s, ya think?

It really was funny.  I couldn’t be mad at that lady.  She meant it from her heart, she wanted to help us.



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6 responses to “Charity case

  1. I can not stop laughing! So funny! I feel like that alot of the time!

  2. Evan


  3. This is bad, LOL funny. Like… Sedaris-level funny. I shall link to it from my blog. Untrained monkeys, smoking hot, dreds as he is want to do… there are many aspects of this post that are doing a number on my already weak bladder!

  4. Thank God I’m not the only one… thank you!

  5. OMGOSH, that is too funny. I’m sure that lady meant well, but it’s still hilarious. Glad Lori, linked your blog with hers. I’ll visit more often.

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