Happy Father’s Day, Lula the Pirate, and Signing Off

My kids have about the best Dad in the world.  Randy’s family is always priority number one, and we all know it and love him for it.  He’s also a goofy Dad.


































Lula came into the living room the other day with a pirate hat on saying “arrrr matey!”, then she went and found herself a sword.  The hazards of having a brother…

and last, this will be my last blog from my own beloved Mac for at least a couple of months.  We’ll be packing it into it’s box tonight (there are some things you don’t leave to the movers!)  I’ll see ya on the flip side.


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2 responses to “Happy Father’s Day, Lula the Pirate, and Signing Off

  1. Darlene

    We will miss your blogging until you are at it again in Germany. I will be waiting anxiously for them to begin again in a far away place!
    But more importantly, we will miss you and your family sooooo much more! We love all of you. You and Randy have been such an incredible blessing to the Shoreline family.
    Hoping to see YOU on the flipside (of Germany) back here in Florida, soon.

  2. What the heck am I supposed to do without your blog for 2 months? Seriously.

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