One should not blog from her phone, please ignore until I find a real compter and can edit my writing and typos which seems to be COMPLETELY impossible excepting the title!

My house is (mostly) immaculate. Ignore the conspicuously unpainted dining room, and don’t hire Crocker Brothers to paint and prepay then leave the house so your children won’t trackh said paint all over the painstakenly acheived clean house which is why I had to hire a painter in the first place. We stated with my sister, Ivy last night and she cooked us a wonderful meal and provided a much needed glass (oh, or two?) if wine. I made it through the week without throwing my children away or my head spontaneously exploding. I’m pleasantly surprised. It truly wasn’t looking good for a while. We woke up early, drove back to Fort Walton and picked up the laundry I left in the dryer, the stroller, and the dog. We were in New Orleans around 1 pm. Randy flew in before we got here so he took a cab to the hotel. Two totally awesome things happened: One, we had a hard time finding a hotel at all this weekend. Essence Music Festival I hear. We almost exclusively stay at Starwood owned hotels since they usually give a superior military rate . None to be had. So, we take a chance on a place called ‘The Lafayette Hotel’. Sure, they offer his and hers bathrobes which always makes me love a hotel even more, but the best part is there are two rooms, basically a living room that converts to a bedroom and the main bedroom, but there is a huge bathroom and HALLWAY separating the rooms. Thank You Lord. I cannot hear my children as they are crying about having to go to bed. At all. Second, I made a hair appointment at a hip place with good reviews andcwhen I went to pay, the bill had been taken care of by someone who wanted me to know she thought I was awesome. Cool, huh? (thank you, thank you and I’d love to put your name in here if I have your permission?) Ivy and Simon will be driving over tomorrow. What a way to spend your last weekend in the country!



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5 responses to “One should not blog from her phone, please ignore until I find a real compter and can edit my writing and typos which seems to be COMPLETELY impossible excepting the title!

  1. I miss you already! Glad to know you made it to New Orleans without leaving your kids on the side of the road somewhere. I had a small favor to ask of you. When you get to Germany, find an internet cafe or something and let me know you’re alive and well. Thanks. Moving right along… Leah wrote a funny post about blogging from an iphone. Given the nature of your post, I thought you’d appreciate it:

  2. The other Lori

    Jessica, glad y’all are almost on your way! Have fun in New Orleans with Ivy and Si and then have a safe trip to Germany – I’ll be keeping up with the blog, typos or no.

  3. Darlene

    I miss you already. But I’m glad you got a free hair did.

  4. Jill

    I miss you already and it is not that I really saw you much! I love the blog. I hope you all have a great weekend and have a quite, uneventful flight back to Ramstein. Drop me a line when you get in and let me know how the househunting is going. Best Wishes! Love-Jill

    Oh yeah, how did your hair turn out?

  5. Jean Baremore

    Yes!!! We love phone blogs. Give us more!

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