it was bound to happen

We are in New Orleans at the airport. We got up at 6am got ready and packed then headed to Mother’s for breakfast where we met Ivy and Simon. Would you believe there was a humongous line at 7am?! So, on Friday, Randy took the car in to be shipped, then returned WAAAAAY too quick. The port was closed. Federal holiday. It never occured to either of us. So, we called the travel office, they were closed too but we managed to reach the after hours help desk. We thought, no problem, we’ll just leave on Monday, that’s when our ‘rotator’ to Germany leaves anyway. No seats to be had, not even one. If we can’t make it by Monday, we don’t even know when the next rotator leaves so we had to make a decision. We needed someone with a military ID who could ship our car for us, we found someone who is driving from Navarre Monday morning to do this. Jim, you are a saint we are forever indebted to you. My brother dictated a special power of attorney for me over the phone with about 10 minutes to spare before Fedex Kinkos closed for the night AND the next TWO days! We then found a notary willing to come out on the 4th of July for a ‘small’ fee. Please pray this goes off without a hitch – the front desk has our key, we paid for an extra day of parking, the paperwork to ship the car is in the glove box. It has to work, because we will be in Baltimore!



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6 responses to “it was bound to happen

  1. Jean Baremore

    I’m sure it will work out just fine. I love you guys so much. Please have a great time in Baltimore and on your transAtlantic flight, I hope the kids just sleep the whole way over. Love, Mom XXX OOO

  2. Oh gosh…I do NOT miss this part of military life! However, you have a God who can do anything, and I mean anything, and you are one of His favorite kids. So one way or another, I am confident it will work out!

  3. Love you guys! I told Kirt we should have just driven to NO to see you guys off! Love reading your blog! When do you lose your cell phone service?

  4. Oh my word. You’re having fun! While reading your post, I had a vision of the valet guys in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off taking your car for a joy ride, but I’m sure that won’t happen. After all, New Orleans is a small town with very little crime.

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