Back on the Grid

We’re here, it really happened, we moved to Germany again! The trip over was, while I wouldn’t call it uneventful, typical of a move. So, our car actually shipped out, no problem. Thank You, Jim. Thank you, thank you, thank you. The next trauma was Randy losing his brand spanking new sunglasses on the trip to Baltimore. He had been doing penance for losing his last pair for about a year, and we picked up the Randy wayfarers a couple of days before he left town. I’m still praying they show up somewhere. Our flight left around 11pm Monday night, so the kids were both fast asleep within 20 minutes of take off. I remembered the military ‘rotator’ plane was somewhat like a beaten up old bus overloaded with screaming children and loose chickens flying around. My memory served me correctly. There were also a ton of soldiers on board headed to war. I’ve always had a hard time keeping myself composed around deployers, too close to home I guess. Unfortunately, we were flying East and my children rise with the sun, so the sleeping thing didn’t last. Regardless, we made it to cold, rainy Germany. Max was thrilled to see his old kennel (dogs are treated VERY well in this country). We got a rental car, and checked into our hotel. The next day, Randy went to the housng office and did all the things you do there, including getting a list of available listings in your price range. We called some folks, went and saw a few places, and the third place was the one. It’s in a village named Otterberg and the house is an actual historic monument. There are postcards of it in the tourist station in town. It was built in 1720 and was a French Reformist school, and a school house until 1970. It was redone on the inside in 1995, and it’s rad. We have a wine cellar, and a big kitchen with a pantry! (that’s a big deal if you’ve ever ventured into a European home!). I cannot wait till I can upload photos.


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9 responses to “Back on the Grid

  1. I’m dying to see pictures of the house! Hey, will the military fly your good friends to Germany for free or cheap? Thought it was worth it to ask.

  2. Jill

    I can’t wait to see it! I loved Otterberg. Wasn’t that where we had that awesome meal just a couple of days before Mike and I left? I am jealous. I need to hear and see more. I can’t wait!!!!

  3. Jessica

    No, but very very close… So many of the restaurants we used to go to have changed! The Italian lace in Landstuhl, no longer, the Italian place in ramstein that is the same as Il Pirata, now a German restaurant (don’t know Pirata’s fate yet). I hope that place we went to is open, I’m scared! Otterberg is so pretty, very high up and mountain hilly. I can’t imagine people being able to drive their cars home in snow.

  4. Jessica

    Lori, it’s pretty easy to get over here for free… Just talk to your local recruiter!

  5. Jean Baremore

    I looked at picture of your town on the internet. So stunningly beautiful! It even has one of those huge old cathedrals. Wow!

  6. Cara

    Glad you guys made it there safely!! Is that a picture of your house with the cute blue shutters?

  7. Jessica

    Yeah, the link from Randy is a picture of it.

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