I’ve been pleasantly surprised at every turn

1. We found a kick ass house with an awesome landlord who speaks perfect English the first day we started looking.
2. I could throw a rock out of my window and hit a pizza joint, a diner kebap place, a Chinese food restaurant, a barber, a pharmacy, a natural food store, a fruit and vegetable stand, a butcher, and a bakery.
3. Before I could mourn my iPhone Tmobile sold me a brand new one for one whole euro and a cheaper plan than I could get stateside.
4. You can check DVD’s out at the library.
5. We got the deal of the century on our official German ‘beater’ (the used BMW you buy and sell here rather than bring your American car that would be difficult to maintain overseas).
6. We went to a flea market on base and Jack and I found a ‘Ben 10 Alien’ watch, unopened that was sold to us for $2.00. He was stoked.
7. I was at the library getting our membersip filled out online and a teenager overheard me telling the librarian which squadron my husband was going to and she came up to tell me her Dad worked there then she offered her babysitting services. I hugged her without thinking. I hope she doesn’t think we are weird now. Praise the Lord.
8. I’ve been several places off base that accepted credit and debit cards (very new concept here)
9. We opened a real German bank account off base and they charge you ZERO when you go in to pay your bills (this may only get oohs and aahs from those who have lived here before).
9. There is WIFI at TLF (our hotel).


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4 responses to “I’ve been pleasantly surprised at every turn

  1. Yes, a natural foods store and a chinese restaurant!!! Why did I think Germany was a bunch of overweight old men wearing leiderhosen (sp?) and drinking giant steins of beer?
    Cheers to you guys for finding cool stuff!

  2. Jessica

    You’re really more likely to find a Tankersley drinking a giant stein of beer and wearing lederhosen.

  3. Ivy

    When do you get to move in? Glad everything’s working out so well!

  4. Hooray! I can’t wait to see pictures of your house and the surrounding area. And I need to figure out skype by the time you move into the new place.

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