You have to really love Mother Nature to love Germany

Have you ever been so bored you are just worn out with it? I feel like I am ten years old on summer break with nothing to do. If there is sometimg to do I can’t even muster up enough energy to do it. We are in our house, with our luggage, some household kitchen items I borrowed from the ‘Loan Locker’ and mattresses. We were supposed to be loaned living and dining room furniture as well, but when the truck with our stuff arrived on Friday, the movers said the truck was too big and would block traffic, they wouldn’t be able to bring our stuff in. I tried my best to get them to just dump it on my sidewalk and leave, but this Is Germany and rules are rules, I get it. We did get them to come out with a smaller truck and deliver our mattresses so at least we have that right now. You should try sitting at home with no furniture, TV, or computer sometime. You’ll start doing looney things. As for myself, I actually sat down with the kids to do a ‘craft’ today. I loathe crap like that, no offense to all the good Moms out there. We made puppets out of paper bags. Jack’s been into puppets lately. We’ve also been practically fighting over who was going to take Max out for yet another walk. Max has had a grin from ear to ear since Friday. Speaking of, we took a little walk today as a family along a new trail, and it’s just great for kids. You always see livestock, and I’ll list out the things we saw, growing wild mind to, along the way; apples, cherries and plums galore, pears, blueberries, blackberries, currants, and I think peaches. Sorry I can’t upload photos yet, I’d love to show you pictures. It’s terribly exciting for kids to ‘find’ these things in their path. So, I’ve been spending my time sorting my garbage (we have 5 garbage types and everything must be sorted for recycling) and trying to figure out how to use my appliances. Language is one thing, and the metric system is another, but you have to REALLY love Mother Earth to love a German washer and dryer. I’m thinking it takes at least four hours to finish a load (which equals approximately 1/2 a normal American load). Everything is energy efficient to the max. Our dryer somehow sucks the water out of our clothes, and I have to pull the water container out after every load and dump it. It’s annoying and nifty. Hopefully I’m just annoyed because it’s new and different and nifty wins in the end. We decided to go to a French Flea Market this morning in the hopes it would keep us out of the house for a while. We told Jack we were going to France and he yelled “everybody pack up your stuff, we’re moving to France!”. This is what we’ve come to. At least he’s resilient. And we are the proud new owners of a wooden French grenade box from WWII. Someone was selling books from it and he sold it to us for four euros. It’s a conversation piece like everything else we own, we dig it. I’ve been thinking about what I miss the most. My computer wins hands down, second would be my television whose non-existence has forced me to make puppets with my children. I also dearly miss my kitchen aid, my food processor, my couch, and my phone. Please pray something shows up this week!


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3 responses to “You have to really love Mother Nature to love Germany

  1. I seriously can’t wait to see pics of this trail! I’ll say a prayer for your stuff;) I envy you in some ways… def the travelling. I’ve always wanted to do that with the kids…. go to Europe. I was thinking of saving for that to be our end of the year field trip, but I’m not sure Chris would be game and I’m not sure I can go to Europe by myself with 4 kids… yeah I could, nevermind. Love your blog Jess!

  2. Cara

    Glad I’m not the only mom that despises doing arts and crafts!

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