Totally typing on my Mac.  My big Mac.  Our stuff is HERE!  

Every time we move I just really can’t imagine how we accumulated so much crap.  I mean, really?  I’ve been purging with every box I open.  I never liked that vase, it must go.  Besides the fact we have zero room for extraneous goods.  Namely in the kitchen.  Have you been into a German kitchen?  

Too exhausted to type.  But we have our stuff.



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3 responses to “Finally

  1. Amanda

    I am so happy you got your stuff! Now we will hear and see more of you!!!

  2. Jean Baremore

    Great news!!! I am so happy everything is finally there. You have really had to endure a long time of no stuff!

  3. Praise the Lord. I don’t know how you lived without your computer for that long.

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