So we have this neighbor, Stefani.  We met her the day we got the keys to our house and we parked in front of her apartment.  She poked her head out to make sure we had the proper parking card allowing us to do so.  I’m sure we’re going to get a lot of awesome “typical German” stories out of her in the coming months and years.  

Stefani is a butcher and she speaks great English.  I run into her often now as we both have dogs that need to be walked.  I ran into her the other day at the park and she berated me for not yet getting the “free” doggie poop bags the city provides.  I think it blows her mind I actually spent money on little dog poop bags and continue to use them.  We continued to talk “trash” as I was letting her know the trouble we were having getting our restmull can upgraded to a four-person household size (don’t ask, it’s complicated).  The whole conversation, she was translating to a lady who I assumed was her Mother, and it turns out it was.  I was told the Mother is generally working at the city hall (where you get trash and parking matters resolved).  I told Stefani I hadn’t seen her Mother when I was there and she informed me that her Mother has been on extended sick leave (for dramatic affect, I should go ahead and inform you that here, that means full-pay sick leave).  I said, “oh no, I’m so sorry”, and Stefani say, yes, she has allergies and points to her arm, explaining how the “allergies” have obviously given her Mother quite an eczemic fit on her upper right arm.

Funny, no?

Randy took this picture of our house on his new iphone, it takes great pics (and movies) for a phone I think.




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4 responses to “Typical

  1. Shelly

    Wow. Sick leave for a rash huh? Thank God I don’t pay their taxes.

  2. Can you get paid sick leave for 18 years when you have a baby?

    I think you should do a home tour of pictures as a blog post.

  3. yes we want to see a home tour!

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