Keepin’ it real

The good news is I’ve located the battery charger for my camera.  Praise the Lord.  It was in the cardboard makeshift toy box we were using pre-stuff-arrival and was covered with enough boxes to impede movement until today.  I was afraid we were off to Paris without a camera.  That would be typical Tankersley (and typical Baremore, we ARE a match made in heaven, aren’t we?), but I’m working on small breakthroughs here.

We went to Metz, France last weekend.  We wanted to check out the monthly antique market (that made me hyperventilate), and we bought the coolest old French “Singer” (as in sewing machines) sign that’s tin I guess and is just the right amount of rusted.  And HUGE.  I really really really love it and you’ll see it on the home tour that will hopefully occur sooner than later… I knew I should have photographed the house before our namesake reared its ugly head.

Regardless, Metz is quite a lovely town in and of itself though we couldn’t even find anything on it in our “FRANCE” book.  Can you imagine, with a cathedral like this, not even on the map.  Crazy, isn’t it?  Jack and Lula are really into “silly faces” and it’s more of a vogue.  Quite entertaining.  You like how we dress our kids in WE’RE AMERICANS wear?  That’s how we roll.  They have actual public service announcements on AFN (Armed Forces Network?) telling you NOT to do this.  So, don’t try this at home folks.

For the record, I saw a French chick with a Hooters Orlando shirt on too, so there.



I totally sat down on the nasty French sidewalk for this shot.


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3 responses to “Keepin’ it real

  1. Jean Baremore

    Yahoo!!!! Pictures!!!! My goodness, Lula looks so grown up!!

  2. Simon

    Keep using the Iphone for photos 🙂

  3. LOL about the Hooters Orlando shirt!

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