And when I say Eurotrash I would be referring to my children. It took all of a few days living in Europe for both children to demand all of their drinks be carbonated. A couple of weeks ago we were in France and were served frites (French fries) with mayonaisse. Jack claimed they were the “best French fries I’ve ever had in my whole life” and that love affair has continued. Yesterday we were looking at the menu of a quaint little French cafe and Randy told Jack, “hey Jack, they have snails on the menu, isn’t that funny?”. Jack replies, very enthusiastically, “I want snails!”. So, why not? We order some escargot. He tried it, he loved it, he begged us to order more. Maybe a funny little thing he did yesterday? No. He demands snails again tonight. He told the waitress he wanted to eat ALL of their snails! If he asks for skinny jeans and Prada loafers I’ll refuse, don’t worry.
In other news, we’ve been having a fantabulous time and my feet and quads hurt like only Paris can make them (toting two kids and a stroller and all their crap in a town with no elevators or smooth surfaces has really added to the workout). Lula has been enjoying throwing her shoes overboard every chance she gets. I can’t even believe we are still in possession of them. I guess I can’t really blame the girl. They are now too small, horrendously dirty, and (gasp!) white in September! I’m looking for some cute Eurotrash boots for her currently so the madness can end. We were having a lovely lunch today and something went terribly amiss in Lula’s life (like she dropped a rigatoni) and she started screaming and carrying on like she does, completely inconsolable. I said “Lula, what do you want? What can I do to make it all better?”, and she stops crying completely, smiles and asks, “ice cream?!”. I really do wish I were exaggerating or making it up completely. It’s going to be a rough 16 more years.
Oh, and if you’d like to make small children happy, take them to Les Invalides and show them the armor made for toddlers and small children. Probably the best museum ever! The other pic is of Jack and his chaud chocolat… He’s fond.


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10 responses to “Eurotrash

  1. Jean Baremore

    Your children are a real scream! I sure do love them!

  2. Darlene

    I LOVE READING YOUR BLOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your kids are so funny. We miss you guys! Give Randy a hug.

  3. Evan

    Zack threw 3 different shoes overboard (the stroller) in Europe. We came home without any matching pairs. Surely they collect them somewhere and laugh about it!!

    Z misses Jack & Lula. They’re looking so grown up!

    • Jessica

      That is HILARIOUS, Evan! Tell Zach we’re keeping up appearances and throwing the shoes over too. He probably wanted Prada loafers… Europe will do that to you.

  4. I was literally laughing out loud as I read this. You’re a fantastic blogger and I simply adore reading everything you write.

  5. Monica

    The only way to eat french fries is with mayonnaise. Didn’t you know that? ha ha. The fries over there are better and the mayonnaise is simply yummy. It’s great having kids who can adapt so easily to new and exciting things. Oh, and did you give Lula her ice cream? Ha ha, that’s too funny!

  6. Heather

    I love reading about you guys. It almost feels like we’re there with you! You have such a fantastic way of describing things that only you could do! Sure do miss you guys…I know a few kids here that would love to play with yours!

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