It’s gonna be a good year

If I weren’t lucky enough to be pregnant during the poncho craze…

The fashion Gods have looked favorably upon me this season.

According to my fashion oracles (Anthropologie and J Crew), denim shirts are totally trying to make a comeback.  Not only that, but the basic slim black pant is totally in.  AND, after years of longing for some Frye boots, my lovely husband bought me some for my Birthday a couple of years ago.  Engineers.  Who has an entire section of their website dedicated to “must-have rugged boots” I ask?  Anthropologie.

Honestly, it gets better.  According to, well, pretty much everyone, RED lipstick is making a comeback.  There is a God in Heaven.  I have been wearing pale pink lip gloss like the rest of creation for the past few years and I HATE it!  Of course, most of the mags’ “picks” are red lip glosses.  Screw that.  You can’t wear red lip gloss, you’ll look like you’re bleeding to death and it’ll get everywhere.  If you’re gonna do it, do it right.

I couldn’t possibly count the number of denim shirts I’ve gone through in my life, and I mean worn so much they had to be laid to rest.  I think I had taken it to the extreme in college.  I remember being at Old Chicago Pizza in Addison with a bunch of people and my dear friend and roommate, Shelly totally called me out on the whole thing, “do you OWN any other shirts, Jess?!”.  I really did try to wean myself after that.  Luckily fashion-times were a-changing and I had to change with them.  I did hold on to a Gap denim shirt that was still in good condition.  I’ve been moving around with that thing since 1996 I imagine.  It was the one article of clothing that I always passed over, but desperately wanted to wear.

I totally took it out of hibernation last week.  I had to pair it with some crazy black leggings with zippers on the sides that I found at H&M until I acquire a pair of skinny black pants, and my Engineer boots, and my Chanel Matador lipstick that probably is so old it needs to be tossed, but DANG!  I felt like Jessica.

For me, I’m really wanting JCrew’s version of the Chambray, and they are also winning in the black pant division, I’m loving the slight crop.



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9 responses to “It’s gonna be a good year

  1. I’m with you! I already have the red lipstick & an awesome denim shirt! I’m thinking my boyfriend jeans are still in?? You forgot to mention the nail polish color of the season— I went yesterday and Ulta had NOTHING! I almost went with a blue by Essie but I am holding out till I find “the” color!

  2. Jean Baremore

    The only thing missing is the blue eye shadow!

  3. Jessica

    no, no, no. That would be heaven for YOU!

  4. Tracey

    We need to discuss leggings, I am not sure what to wear with them.

    • Jessica

      I think the key is to get a pair that is thick, like pants, very tight skinny pants, then you can wear whatever you want with them. In Paris, all the girls, and I mean ALL the girls had on black leggings, with either boots or ballet flats, then lots of scarves and long shirts or dresses, belted.

  5. First, skinny jeans are of the devil. Second, this post made me laugh throughout. Third, I can totally see you in denim shirts!

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