Clean shiny potties

I took the kids to a rinky-dink roadside circus today.  The Circus Montana sprung up one village over and our village was littered with advertisements.  Jack REALLY REALLY wanted to go and I promised to take him.  I just might live to regret it.  My only experience with the circus is Ringling Brothers, and I’ve read about less lavish affairs, such as in Water for Elephants.

This was like, a single-family circus.  A family with lots of children.  Little children.  The only adults in the circus were the Mom, who was sort-of the announcer, and the Dad who helped the smaller kids do acrobatics, and was also a clown.  The rest of the acts were done by CHILDREN!  The youngest was definitely younger than Lula.  Certainly not two yet.  The man would swing these kids around and they’d do headstands on his hands, etc…  A boy who was maybe ten led the dancing ponies and a western laso act.  Lula stood up the whole time because there was music on, and if there is music on, Lula has to dance. When the ponies came out she jumped up and down hollering “dance, ponies, dance!”  Jack changed his career goals on the way out of the circus.  Now he wants to be a cowboy.  A cowboy in the circus.  Obviously they accept children.

On a lighter note, on our way home from the circus, Jack was asking me what I wanted for Christmas.  I told him there was a hat I would like.  Jack then said “and maybe some new makeup?”, and I said, “Yes!  You know I love makeup (and I do), I would love some new makeup for Christmas”.

Jack was now excited to know what I liked so then exclaimed, “and maybe a new pink shirt?!”

Me:  “Yes, I’d love a new pink shirt”

Jack:  “Or a purple shirt?!”

Me:  “I love purple!”

Then he was really excited.

“Mom, would you like some new blue things like you clean the potty with and they are square and they make the water blue and the potty is clean and shiny?!”

Because everyone knows how much Mommy loves clean shiny potties for Christmas.


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3 responses to “Clean shiny potties

  1. Jean Baremore

    Laughed till I cried! Your children show much promise of being as funny as you!

  2. Ok, that’s hilarious!

  3. best line: “Jack changed his career goals on the way out of the circus.”

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