It’s this thing they call “Fall”

Fall, real Fall with cooler weather and leaves falling is weird for a Southern girl.  Maybe even surreal.

What is probably commonplace for those who grew up here is mind-blowing to us.  Randy and I have been tracking the change in the trees for weeks.  We’ve been noting the color of the trees from the highway, pondering how much they’ve changed over the days and guessing when the leaves will fall.

Yesterday morning the kids and I were walking Maxie -Max and the trees in the park were shedding heavily in the wind, and the leaves were just glorious, splendid.  Every leaf was the prettiest one I had ever seen.  I started picking them up.  I couldn’t help myself.  Jack, of course, wanted to know what I was doing.  I told him the leaves were so pretty I wanted to decorate our house with them.  He was all over it, picking up leaves, and pulling up grass from it’s roots, then gathering sticks, and “what about these pine cones”, and “Mom, this is a beautiful piece of bark”.  He was having fun.  So, we came home, and I got busy doing whatever it was I do all day (beats the hell out of me what that is), and I vaguely remember Jack talking talking talking, and “I need some tape”.

Me:  “we don’t have any tape, we used it all”

Jack:  “but I NEEEEEED some tape”

Me:  “go look in the buffet drawer, but I don’t think we have any”

So, he goes and looks and comes back with a roll of blue painter’s tape.  I decide to ask him what exactly he needs the tape for now that he actually found some.  “Mom!  Remember?!  We’re decorating?!”  So, I tell him that painter’s tape is great, figuring he can’t do much damage with it and continue watching my movie (I should note here that I’ve been sick and yesterday was a really bad, achy day.  I’m not always such a hands-off completely Mom).  So, a little while later, he comes running into the office all excited and I need to come and see the door, and Daddy is going to be so excited to see it!  So, I decide I need to pretend I’m feeling well like good Moms do, and I get up to see this:


He totally taped pine cones, leaves, and bark to our entryway door.  How cute is that?  The piece of paper would read “Jackson” printed in perfect mirror-image.  Awesome.

I guess I didn’t explain what I meant by decorating, which was this:


But, really, I only have myself to blame for Jack’s association of “decorating” with blue painter’s tape.  I got an Anthropologie catalog in the mail a few years ago that pictured, of course, some perfectly gorgeous bed linens, but in the picture, the walls were covered in children’s artwork, taped to the walls with painter’s tape.  At first, I thought, that looks so cool.  And it did.  But when I tried it, I realized how totally functional it was.  Painter’s tape comes right off of the wall and artwork without harming either.

Obviously, I’ve taken the painter’s tape craze to an extreme, and my son has taken notice.


This is kinda how most of my walls look.  Kindergarten-chic.  Please do take special note of the teal piece of paper, though.  It’s the first piece of artwork Lula has ever brought home (She started “Mother’s Day Out” at a local church one day-a-week a couple of weeks ago).  I think they were using apple slices as stamps.  Sooooooooo cute.



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2 responses to “It’s this thing they call “Fall”

  1. this post made me smile

  2. Beverly Emmons

    I love everyones creativity!!

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