World Domination

I thought it was cute the other night as Jack was going through the list of future Halloween costumes he was planning on. He was going to be a cowboy, of course, next year (refer to previous circus post, I don’t know how to link when blogging via iPhone), then he was going to be Obi Wan Kenobi again, and I’m sure I misspelled that, please don’t take offense, then he was going to the dark side and would be Darth Vader, and then he would be the ruler of the entire earth. Because that’s what comes after the ranks of Vader. He looked kinda crazy-eyed after that speech, and I chalked it up to too much TV.

I need to back up now and say that some months ago, Jack saw a tie he liked at the JCrew Crewcuts outlet in Destin. He begged for it and I didn’t buy it thinking he’d forget about it. He didn’t. I bought that tie for him a few weeks later so he’d hush about it. He loves that thing. He wears it ALL the time. He’s lately taken to wanting to wear it to school. To the hippie school we send him to. I’m not sure they know what to think about it as I always find it placed outside the door with his things when I come to pick him up.

So tonight he lets me know that he’s decided he’s going to be President of the big school (the Waldorf School… presently he is at the “little” school, i.e. Kindergarten), and he would be in need of a black jacket, some black pants, his tie would probably do, but sometimes he could wear a bow (tie). And could I go ahead and order that online? That’s what Presidents wear. The Germans don’t speak English and they need to and that means they need a President who will make them all speak English.

I should be worried, shouldn’t I?



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6 responses to “World Domination

  1. Beverly Emmons

    I love that Jack shares your creative thinking, and
    his dads love of costumes AND he is an amazing problem solver!

  2. Jean Baremore

    Haven’t I always said he is absolutely brilliant?

  3. Paige

    Is it safe to blog about this? 🙂 Yeah just today Shane said he wanted to start a young GOP preschool group. He said they need a young outlook to freshen things up, dust out the cobwebs. He thinks before each bill they should all do the dancey dance with DJ Lance Rock to loosen things up a bit. He has lots of good ideas. So yes Jack.. I second that motion! Except I vote everyone speak Chinese.

  4. Ryan

    Too funny!!! I’ll vote for you Jack!

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