If there’s music, Lula has to dance

I’m pretty sure this is the hardest anyone has ever jammed to Silver Scooter.

We have our itunes playing on the TV if you are wondering what she’s looking at!



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5 responses to “If there’s music, Lula has to dance

  1. Amanda

    She is so stinking cute!!!! And she is getting so big. 🙂 Miss you guys!

  2. 1. Of course she loves music. Look at her parents.
    2. Nice pants!
    3. That’s the calmest I’ve ever seen your dog.
    4. Lula’s hair is getting so long! Painful reminder of how long it’s been since I’ve seen you.
    5. I’ve never heard of Silver Scooter, but they remind me a bit of Smashing Pumpkins circa Siamese Dream days.

  3. Stephanie

    Lula is way to precious!!!

  4. Jean Baremore

    Wow! Lori is so observant! I love Lula’s beautiful shiny hair. It is so pretty. And those pants! So hippie!

  5. Evan

    Zack is in love. He requested to watch this twice.

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