Feed the World

We were driving the other day and the Christmas “classic” by Band Aid, “Feed the World” came on for the second time that day and I was singing along and I guess Jack started listening to the song. “Mom! (because he is usually yelling) Mom!! Why are they singing about feeding the world?!”

Me: “Well I guess the people singing want us to think about people who don’t have enough to eat all over the world”

Jack: “There’s a lot of people all over the world. Only God can feed all of the people in the world”.

Me: “Yeah, I guess you are right Jack”.

He then went on a little bit more about what a dumb song that was, then about the languages Santa Claus speaks (obviously that would be English, German, Spanish, and Chinese) and how in the world were all of the children of the world going to get presents then? And how would he know their names?

But, I was still pondering his reaction to a song I always liked. Pretty deep stuff.


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