Gluhwein tastes gooooooood

We’ve had such an exciting December…. Randy came home, we took a trip to Sweden, we went skiing in the French Alps, we have  been blessed beyond what we knew we could ask for.

AND, I will be posting regarding said activities.  All in good time!  Can’t have the world’s longest blog post here.

How is it then, that I have much more interesting things to say when life is mundane?

Ah!  Regardless, when Randy came home from Africa, we headed straight for a Christmas Market in Rudesheim (probably one of my very favorite places in Germany by the way).  Christmas markets are Randy’s favorite thing about Germany so it was terrible he had been missing out.

Jack would like for everyone within earshot to know that he really really really doesn’t care for chestnuts, by the way.  Regardless, the carts are cute.

Having a little hot chocolate and gluhwein (hot mulled wine).  Yum!

Our little town of Otterberg had a Christmas market as well which was pretty exciting.  The main attraction was the horse and carriage ride for the kids.  Well, it was a fun IDEA at least.  It seems as if the Americans and Brits are the only people on the entire face of the planet who know what a LINE is.  I’m just not pushy enough to live in Europe.  After three failed attempts to get Jack on the carriage (and being first in “line” every time), someone just shoved him on for me and then looked at me funny when I was like, “what about me??!”  I have a kid who can walk, why would he need parental supervision??!  So, I just waved goodbye.

This is something I’m still getting used to.  At Jack’s school it’s totally not unusual to see two-year-olds walking by themselves on the street.  There are kids younger than Jack riding their bikes all over town by themselves.  This fact isn’t lost on my son, by the way.  He brings it up all the time.  I mean, God forbid you don’t put socks on your child with their shoes (I’ve been publicly ridiculed for this oh so many times), but let them play in the streets without parental supervision?  Yes, please!

I digress.

I present to you, Otterberg at Christmas:


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3 responses to “Gluhwein tastes gooooooood

  1. Jean Baremore

    Wonderful pictures! What would be good times for me to visit? Are there any times to avoid?

  2. Jessica

    well, that depends if you want Randy here or not? Send me an email.

  3. I can’t believe they let children run free. I wonder what the rate of children getting lost and/or abducted is there.

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