These things are hard to understand

I really loved this post from my friend, Lori.



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4 responses to “These things are hard to understand

  1. Jean Baremore

    oh, that really hit home hard. I just cried and cried and cried. I left them a comment. They are the very best kind of people.

  2. Jean Baremore

    Jessica, that was when you were a little girl in Stonewall, LA. They didn’t take the baby home for about a week. But, then they did. I just haven’t thought about that in so long. Then, there was a baby boy I found during a survey at the state school in Pineville when we lived in LA. and the parents just put him because they couldn’t deal with the double cleft palate. I got him out of there. I’ve seen so many crazy and horrible syndromes in my life, it just all hit me at once seeing that video. You know, I’ve done way more good things in my life overall than I give myself credit for. It was just painful to be flooded with so many memories at once. You have no idea the horrible things I have seen, almost every syndrome known and I loved them all.

  3. Jean Baremore

    You know, I even had a Crie du Chat baby the very same year.

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