Look, another surprise in my front yard

I wish I made more time to write, I really do.  Because there is alway something really wierd going on.  Rather than regale you with how much poop I had to clean up today because my daughter decided that pooping is rather NOT for potties, I’ll show you what is sitting in front of my house.

I came home the other day and I couldn’t get to my house because my street was blocked off and a carousel was being built in, well, basically my front yard.  Today food booths are popping up, and I can hear the oompa loompa music being tested.  There is a big kid’s festival tomorrow.  I guess these are the advantages, or downfalls of living directly in the middle of town.  Advantages being, well, it’s kinda fun to have a carnival in your front yard.  Disadvantages are I HAVE to now take my kids and then they’ll get a taste of 2 Euro a pop carnival rides and beg to go on said rides all day.  All day, the rides will torment them, and me.  Ahhhh, maybe I’m being pessimistic.  It’ll probably be awesome.



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5 responses to “Look, another surprise in my front yard

  1. Ok, here is a Mom’s sanity check. This worked well for us, and you can consider if it might work for you.

    Make up little tickets. However many rides you want to do, make that many tickets for each kid. Give the kids their tickets. When they want to go on a ride, they have to give you the ticket. When their tickets are gone, there are no more rides.

    We used tickets for all sorts of things when our kids were little. I still have a giant roll of tickets I bought at Walmart because they loved having real tickets.

  2. Ivy

    Um, I don’t think there’s any way for it not to be awesome. Because at least if it is torturous, you’ll have some great stories (and probably even better pictures).

    PS It’s Thunder Beach here, be grateful it’s not 10,000 Harleys in your front yard. 🙂

  3. Jessica

    great idea about the tickets! Ivy, I freakin’ hate Thunder Beach… got caught in it coming home from your house one time! I’ll take the carnival!

  4. Speaking of poop everywhere, we’ve been potty-training for 3 days. Last night, Noah managed to escape upstairs when we weren’t looking and left a zucchini-sized terd on the carpet. I almost ripped the carpet up, but I decided Spot Shot was significantly cheaper. (1) I hate carpet. (2) I hate poop on carpet. (3) I hate the feeling of picking up a terd with a paper towel, especially when it’s still warm. Gag.

  5. Jessica

    Carpet + children = disaster

    Nothing grosser than picking up warm poop. Truly.

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