It’s a Christmas Miracle!

So, as you know, I hauled TEN crates from my attic and decorated for Christmas on Saturday.  I had to totally revamp my plates / cups situation to accomodate my Christmas Ware.  As I maniacally cleaned my appliances that sit on open shelves (what is WRONG with me?!) I came to my beautiful pink Kitchen Aid Food Processor that did not make the move from Florida.  When I unpacked the food processor, everything looked fine, but I tried and tried it.  It never would turn on.  I didn’t have the heart to throw it away.  It’s been sitting on my shelf so I could long for its better days for over a year now.  I just couldn’t give up on it.  I decided to plug it in, you know, just to see.  My food processor turned on.

My food processor totally came back to life.

Don’t even think that I didn’t whip up some hummus within 20 minutes!

– 2 cans of chick peas, one drained and rinsed, the other I just didn’t bother.  I threw the whole thing in
– squeezed a whole lemon into it
– threw a couple of jalapenos in (without the seeds… the children!)
– couple of cloves of garlic
– turned my bottle of olive oil over for sec (a tablespoon or so?)
– I let the kids spoon some tahini in.  Two spoonfuls each.  I’m not sure how much tahini went in.

Best hummus ever.


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