Thank You Very Much. Not.

It all started out innocently.  Jack had a very small Birthday party and the children brought him lovely gifts.  I told him if he wanted to continue to have Birthday parties, he should write thank you notes to said children.

I have some blank notecards that lend themselves to making a picture on the front and writing a note on the inside.  Jack drew a couple of rainbows and some thank yous to his friends.  Then I ran out of notecards.  I folded up a piece of paper from my printer into a card shape and handed it to him.

It all started out very innocently.

Then, he asked if he could color the back as well.  Sure!

Some more sun, an airplane, it’s cool.

Then he writes his “thank you” on the inside of the card.

When I questioned him, he said this was him saying “yes”, and his friend (to whom he is writing the thank you note to) is saying “no”.  They are “arguing”.


I tell him that probably isn’t the nicest thing to depict in a thank you card.  Never fear.  He’s going to right that wrong.

Because the argument ended with a “Jackson, you’re right”.

I couldn’t even make this stuff up.



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4 responses to “Thank You Very Much. Not.

  1. Shelly

    Love the bike, love the cards, love the mugs. I don’t even bring all my Christmas stuff down anymore; with 3 kids, who has the energy.
    Miss you and your blog terribly and I’m glad your back with it.

  2. He’s my kind of guy. 🙂

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