Tonight, you should add “TV” to your Thank You’s to the Lord Above

For a full year I’ve been hearing off and on about last year’s Christmas disaster.  Why DIDN’T Santa bring him the machine that shot out mittens that Jackson asked for?

Really, it was what his heart of hearts wanted.  I had no idea how to make that happen and I happen to be fairly creative.

I blame it on lack of television.

It’s really hard to know what you want when commercials aren’t telling you.

I’m all for TV.  We just don’t happen to have it (at least complete with stations and commercials).  So, I thought I’d one-up him this year.  I downloaded the Toys R Us app for the Ipad.  This WAS indeed very entertaining and Jack quickly added 230 things to his Christmas list.  I’m not quite sure he knew what he was “asking” for, but, you know, whatever.

Enter Christmas Bell, our elf, whom Jack speaks with regarding Christmas, well, alot.  He has begun a series of lists for Christmas Bell to bring to Santa that are not looking good.

He would like according the latest and greatest list:

– a phone.  (REALLY?!)  A phone with the number 50910.096.18690 to be exact, but supposedly you could dial just 18690 to reach him
– a machine that makes cookies
– a building, like a hotel
– a magic toy robot
– a magic wand that WORKS
– magic (in general, the ability to do magic)




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4 responses to “Tonight, you should add “TV” to your Thank You’s to the Lord Above

  1. Oh, man. You are totally screwed. (lmao)

  2. Ivy

    One year our school (a Catholic school of all things) gave us ‘reindeer food,’ which was a popcorn ball that was supposed to give us the ability to fly. I can’t tell you how many times I ran down the hallway at top speed and launched myself off off the stairs into the den. It never worked.

  3. Jessica

    Oh, Ivy. That was a cruel, cruel thing to give a small child! SO funny!

  4. Jean Baremore

    Matt says at they have a magic wand that is a remote control that you just wave at the TV. As a Merry Christmas mom, I sympathize deeply with you. Just tell him those are not things Santa can bring him as they do not make them in the shop. They work on these things all year and do not make special orders. Also, magic is not “real”. What we call magic is the “art of illusion”. It will be a interesting word for him to think about. How on earth would a building fit into an elves workshop, anyway? If he doesn’t actually ask for something the elves make, Santa will just try to choose a few toys he might like.

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