Getting around to it.

I would like to begin with the only excuse I have:

1)  I became deathly ill with food poisoning and was sick for a full 4 weeks.
Ack!  That’s not good enough, though, true.  I hate that my biggest character flaws are so obvious.  I mean, why can’t I just have a compulsive need to alphabetize canned goods in the comfort of my own home like “normal” people?

BECAUSE, I missed something important.  I just got around to reading some posts on my favorite blog, Seriously Because.  My dear, lovely, friend Lori, paid me a huge compliment.  She listed me in her top five blogs and wrote my name in the same sentence as David Sedaris’s;

Hurricane Tankersley – When I say her posts are few and far between, I mean that you’re lucky to get a handful each year. But when Jessica writes, she wins my heart. I’m telling you, she could write a book one day. And I’m thinking that book will be a David Sedaris-style collection of short stories.

Last week, I forgot to meet someone for coffee.  If you know me at all, this won’t surprise you.  I am incredibly flighty.  I forget Doctor’s appointments, I forget to pay my mortgage, I forget things that I’d rather not share, because it’s shameful, it’s embarrassing, and I have been like that since the day I came into this world.

Well, this new friend didn’t take too kindly to my antics, but frankly, I’m not that kind of friend.  She needs a RELIABLE friend.  One who is punctual, remembers dates, and returns phone calls and emails the second she gets them.

I do try to do better.

I put things in my calendar (if I could just remember to LOOK at it), I set my phone alarm so I don’t forget my son at the bus stop (must remember to keep said phone on person), I write endless notes to myself (where are these notes?).

I try not to get caught up being “busy” with things that are really inconsequential,  though I constantly find myself right where I started, sticking my fingers into things I don’t need to involve myself in…

But I am who I am.  A work in progress.  And I absolutely feel undeserving of the unconditional love and encouragement my dear, dear friends and family give me.

WEEKS LATER!  I am reading this post, and I am flattered, my friend, and I know you still love me despite myself.  The words of encouragement do not fall on deaf ears.  I mean, look!  You got a  blog post out of me!

And I’ll dedicate that book to you.



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4 responses to “Getting around to it.

  1. Ivy

    Ok, so 1) I can totally relate to this post. I remembered to show up at a work friend’s wedding shower on Monday, but forgot to buy a present. There were 6 people there, it was noticeable. I’m also very adept at stepping OVER a bag that I set in front of a door to remind myself to bring it to work. 2) A MONTH?! That’s awful. I hope you’re fully recovered.

  2. And this is why God made siblings. We come by it honestly! Otherwise, I might feel crazy!

  3. Shelly

    This is actually why you are my best most cherished friend in the whole world. The two of us can not talk for years and forget everything and then talk and it is like we just had lunch yesterday.

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