About the Tankersleys

Meet Randy, Jessica, Jackson and Lula.  We like to move, travel, listen to and play music.   We embrace the imperfect, the mismatched, the messy, the colorful, and the hilarious.  Jessica likes cooking, putzing around on the computer, reading, running, boyfriend jeans, flip flops, makeup, and spreadsheets.  Randy likes traveling to the true ends of the earth, playing rugby, playing music, guayaberas, cowboy boots, steak, Malbecs, and cigars.  Jack likes to run, jump, invite strangers over, and talk.  Lula likes to sing, dance, give big hugs, put her baby dolls night night, and look cute.


7 responses to “About the Tankersleys

  1. Whitney

    I love your little family!

  2. I LOVE spreadsheets. So much. I’m also loving your current blog header. Which reminds me… please let me take your family pictures before you leave Florida. Let’s set a date in May, because June will be crazy. Sunset is best. Call me to discuss.

  3. Lee Tankersley

    For years my Dad, Mom and I were the ONLY Tankersley’s in Arizona. Now our name is EVERYWHERE. Nice to meet you, you have a lovely family. Take care and God bless you.


    • Jessica

      seems like every time I meet someone who knows a Tankersley, they assume we know each other or are related… not all too common of a last name! We’re from the Texas Tankersleys.

  4. tommy tankersley

    wonderful family, my dads name is jack and also my 3 year old son is named jack too!! great photo.

  5. Amanda Penaloza

    Love this- you are amazing.

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