Christmas Shame

I drug the Christmas gear out of the attic today.  And put it all up.  It’s November 13th.  Shameful, it is.

What is more shameful is the number of Christmas coffee mugs I own.  I had to store all of our regular mugs.  And actually, well, all of our glasses to fit the Christmas mugs.  I don’t even collect Christmas mugs.  I’m not sure how this happened except we’ve probably drank WAY too much gluhwein at one too many Christmas markets and NOT returned the mugs (don’t worry, that’s not stealing… you pay a deposit).

Soooooo, if you can guess how many I own, I’ll SEND YOU ONE!  I might send you one if you just take a guess and I like you.  Or if you don’t guess at all.  Guess what you’re getting for Christmas this year???!!!!



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5 responses to “Christmas Shame

  1. I guess 38?! I LOVE that you have already put your decorations out! I may do the same thing very soon! We did turn on holiday music last night! So glad your back to blogging!

  2. It totally erased my comment I left! I guess 38?! Am I close? I LOVE that you got your decorations out! I may do the same thing!

  3. Tracey

    I want a mug!!!! How many do you have? My guess is 24. You inspired me to decorate too. Josh drug down all our crates and we put ours up yesterday. The kids were thrilled and so was I.

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  5. Jean Baremore

    16 mugs. Gimme a mug!!!

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